AQUA Machine Wefts are the most comfortable wefts you’ll find. Double Drawn (hair is full volume at the ends) for incredible volume throughout.

Great for buildable density, unique placement, and pairs well with our Award-Winning Keratin Fusion extensions around the hairline.

Re-use AQUA hair up to 1 year with excellent maintenance, move ups are every 6-8 weeks – depending on re-growth.

Cut to fit, and deconstruct 1 weft into three thinner wefts. Customize your install with our Machine Wefts.

Hair Weights

Our Hair Weights do not include the attachment weft at the top, just the hair.

18″ Hair: 130g/pack
22″ Hair: 160g/pack

How much hair do you need:

Density in weight line/perimeter: 1 pack

Volume/thickness: 1 pack

Full head density and length: 1 pack